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Workplace Safety and Insurance (WSIB)



For a small to medium sized employer it may be difficult to keep up with the changes to legislation, regulations and WSIB policy.  In the absence of a dedicated Human Resources staff person it may be difficult to initiate the measures needed to meet WSIB accident reporting obligations or to facilitate Early and Safe Return to Work in a timely manner.  For a large employer, Human Resources staff may lack the experience and technical skills to represent the employer at a WSIB or Appeals Tribunal hearing. 

Our WSIB services are customized to the needs of the client.  Services range from managing all aspects of the WSIB program to representation when a WSIB issue in dispute is established which requires detailed medical/legal research, preparation of written hearing submissions, or representation at a WSIB mediation or oral hearing.

We offer a “bumper to bumper” set of services.  Our first step in service delivery is to work with the employer to establish a comprehensive WSIB program and procedures which apply to every incident so each matter is managed consistently. Once an accident has been reported in the workplace we will work with the employer to ensure that an Injury Report is completed; accident investigation is undertaken; a report is sent to the WSIB and Ministry of Labour (where needed), documentation is provided to the worker; follow-up occurs with the WSIB to confirm payment information; return to work is offered and reasonable accommodation is provided; and for more serious matters immediate medical attention is available and disability management takes effect.

A client can select from these services or retain MCPS for individual claims management, revenue/financial representation where there is a WSIB classification, registration or financial audit issue, representation in a claims appeal including attending an oral hearing at the WSIB or WSIAT.   

Other services include WSIB introductory and advanced education and training on all aspects of the workplace safety and insurance system.

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