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Ensuring that the workplace is safe and healthy is a legal requirement in Canada. All of the workplace parties (employer, supervisor/manager, workers, contractors, sub-contractors, etc.) are jointly responsible.  As health and safety programs have successfully reduced lost time from work due to injuries/illness there has been a corresponding improvement in workplace morale and enhancements to corporate culture.  In Ontario, for example, the lost time injury rate is hovering at an historical low of about 1.00 per cent.


Workplace health and safety starts with the implementation of the Internal Responsibility System and is delivered through a number of practical policies and procedures.  MCPS has had many years of experience providing employers with a proactive set of OHS services to ensure legislative and regulatory compliance and to minimize workplace injuries/illness.  MCPS works with employers to review, assess, and audit existing OHS programs: to identify strengths and deliver opportunities for excellence.  MCPS will work with an employer to meet international health and safety accreditation standards and to benefit from Ontario based health and safety incentive programs.


MCPS offers employers a wide range of training programs including OHS stakeholder certification, workplace violence/harassment/bullying, and psychological health and safety. MCPS has worked with employers in the WSIB Safety Group program who received significant rebates.  MCPS assists employers address the “new wave” of OHS challenges including concussions, mild traumatic brain injury, adjustment disorders and PTSD. 



Occupational Health (OHS)

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